As a non-profit organization, the purpose of the Council is to promote the social, mental and physical well-being of its members and their participation in the life of the community.


The Council was created in 1973 for adults 55 years and over. It was the first organization of its kind in Saint-Lambert. Throughout the years, the Council grew and developed at the same pace as the demographic and linguistic changes of the community. In 1981, the Council's contribution to both the French and English communities was recognized by the City, who gives the Council an annual grant and also allows it to rent the beautiful residence, Maison Desaulniers, that we still proudly occupy today.


We have over 500 members of various linguistic communities who, harmoniously enjoy the activities of the St-Lambert Council for Seniors. The membership costs 35 $ and is valid for one year (January to December) New members are always welcome. We now offer the ability to join Maison Desaulniers even if you are not a resident of Saint-Lambert. We limit the number of non -residents to 20% of our total membership.

 Liette Michaud  Past Presidents  Louise Bayard  
 Lucien Lavallière  President  Luc Danielse  
 Linda Magher  Vice-President  Mary O'Malley  
 Dawn Smith  Managing Director  Janet Sader  
 Judith Campbell  Treasurer     
 Pierre Sennecal  Secretary